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Our Approach

About NICA

Woodcreek Cycling is a Division 1 member of the NorCal High School Cycling League. We compete in a six race league series against other D1 schools in Northern California for the NorCal League team and individual championship. You can get more information about the NorCal League at

Quick Facts for the 2023 Season:

  1. North Conference has 12 Division 1 Teams (including WHS MTB), 27 Division 2 Teams, 11 Division 2 Composite Teams
  2. South Conference has 6 Division 1 Teams, 13 Division 2 Teams, and 16 Division 2 Composite Teams.
  3. 2000 Riders and growing every day!

Our Approach

Woodcreek High School Cycling Team exists to provide the benefits of competitive cycling to students at Woodcreek High School. We believe that the experiences our athletes gain through their commitment to training and competition will provide them beneficial skills that they will use in their home lives, academics, and in the workplace. We invite all students who are willing to put in the time and effort to join our team, regardless of their prior experience, athletic talent, or genetic gifts. We value teamwork, personal integrity, and a cheerful positive attitude. These attributes have helped our athletes succeed in cycling competition, and in life.

Our Story

Club History

Woodcreek High School Cycling team was founded in August of 2006 through a collaboration of Coach Chris LaFazia and Coach Jim Winne. That year the coaches put the word out looking for would-be student cyclists and found eleven boys and girls to start our first race season in the NorCal High School Cycling League. The popularity of the sport allowed us to grow to 29 athletes by the 2009 season.

Our first race victories came in the 2008 season with race wins by Brandyn Moulten, and Jimmy Winne. Our first girls win came when junior Courtney Crosta won the Junior Varsity State Championship race in 2009. The 2011 Season brought us tremendous racing success with league and State Championships by Freshman Hunter Olivier and Amanda Winne, and Sophomore Nathan Murcia. Our team traveled to Los Olivos Ranch in Southern California to win the division ll California State Championship race to top off an amazing season.

Our team has grown to be a fully supported racing program with a structured off-season conditioning program at our on-campus spin facility and weight training room. We have volunteer staff filling positions as ride leaders, race mechanics, nutrition specialists as well as race day logistics and feed zone support.

Woodcreek Cycling has grown to be a major fixture in the Roseville/Placer County bike racing community. We have gained broad based support from local individuals, race teams, and bike industry dealers and manufacturers. Our team is built on the strength of thousands of volunteer hours from parents, coaches, and local supporters who participate for the love of cycling and a desire to help our young athletes succeed in cycling and in life.

Sounds Interesting?

Are you interested in joining the Woodcreek Mountain Bike Team?  Click the Contact Us button and let us know!  We'll be happy to reach out and provide any information you may need and get your questions answered.

We accept all MTB abilities from Novice to Expert.