Welcome to the WHS MTB Racing Team!

Athlete Practice Ready Requirement

  1. Sign and return the Woodcreek Waiver and NICA Waivers (Due  Oct  1st)
    1. Woodcreek Waiver & Release of Liability
    2. NICA Participation Agreement & Release of Liability
  2. Team Fees Paid in Full ($300) (Due Oct 1st)
    1. Checks made out to "Woodcreek High School Cycling Team"
    2. Venmo: @WoodcreekHS_MTB (Mike Tronnes)
      1. Be sure to include athletes first and last name in the comments.
  3. Get fit for your Race Kit (Due  Oct 19th)
  4. Physical (Athletic packet) (Due by first practice)
    1. Woodcreek Athletic Clearance
  5. Fully Registered on Team Snap (ASAP)
    1. To register, please send the following to the Team Director.
      1. Athlete's First and Last Name
      2. Athlete's Cell Phone Number
      3. Athlete's Non-RJUHSD email address
    2. Install the Team Snap app on your mobile device.
      • Youth sports team and sports org app Apple App Store Logo
      • Youth sports team and sports org app Google Play Store Logo
    3. Complete the registration on the Team Snap website/app
      1. Add Parent/Guardian (minimum of one parent/guardian)
  6. Complete NICA Pit Zone Registration (Due by first practice)
    1. The Team Director will send out an invite once the league opens registration
    2. Use the link provided to complete the registration
    3. Pay the Pit Zone Registration Fee
  7. Concussion Baseline (To be completed later)
  8. Parents Volunteer for one of the positions available.
    1. view the list of positions needed

Ride Leader Requirements

  1. Turn in the following forms to registered with the District
    1. WHS_Volunteer_Information_Form
    2. WHS_Volunteer_Application
  2. Background Check with the District
  3. First Aid / CPR
  4. TB Test with the District
  5. NICA Participation Agreement
  6. NICA Coach License Fee
  7. NICA Background Check
  8. NICA Online Concussion Course (CDC)
  9. NICA Online Risk Management Course

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities