Ride Leaders are among the highest of importance to the team.  Without them, we can't go on practice rides.

We require a 6-to-1 ratio to be successful in keeping the athletes together and safe at all times.  As the team grows, so does our need for your help.  Here's how you can get involved with the team and become a Ride Leader.

Get approved with the NICA League

  1. Get registered on PitZone.  The team will initiate the invite.  We just need your first and last name and an email address.  You will receive an email from the league (PitZone); use the email to complete your registration.
  2. Digitally sign the Participation Agreement
  3. Pay the coach license fee for the year
  4. Register with Sterling Volunteers and pay for the background check
  5. Use the Access Coach Courses button near the top of the PitZone main page for the following:
    1. Create an account with CDC and register for the CDC Heads Up Training (concussion training).  This course is free, but you add to cart and checkout anyways.
    2.  Risk Management 1
    3. NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosopy
    4. Athlete Abuse Awareness Training
    5. (any other/new courses required for Level 1 Coach License)

Get approved with Woodcreek High School and the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

  1. Fill out the 2 forms provided
    1. WHS_Volunteer_Application
    2. WHS_Volunteer_Information_Form
  2. Turn in to the office.  The office will mail you a packet with the following information
  3. Get a LiveScan Background check.  Per the instructions, this must be separate from the NICA background check and usually any other sports backgrounds.
  4. Get a TB test.  (This can usually be completed by the school nurse (Denise LaFazia)
  5. Take the First Aid and CPR class (also provided at Woodcreek by Denise LaFazia)