Feed Zone Lead

The Feed Zone Coordinator is responsible for safe operation of our race day feed zone on the course including preparation of clean and filled water bottles.  The Feed Zone Coordinator will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine the number of volunteers needed at each race.  The preparation of the water bottles and food can be assigned to other volunteers if desired but the Feed Zone Coordinator is ultimately responsible.

Currently the team is using two Feed Zone volunteers during the race.  One for the morning shift and one for the afternoon shift.  The Lead will be present the entire day.

On hot days (80+ degrees), extra bottles may be needed, not only for drinking, but for allowing the riders to dunk themselves as they go through the Feed Zone.  Ice in the cooler would be appreciated by the athletes on those hot days.

(District Volunteer Clearance Required)

Rules of the Pit Zone

The Feed Zone Lead should be familiar with the rules of the Pit Zone to avoid any time penalties for any infractions.

  1. Do NOT touch the rider or the bike (penalty) even if they fall.
  2. The Feed Zone boundaries are clearly marked and no activity may occur outside of this zone.
  3. The handing off of ANY product (bottles, food, equipment) may only happen within the Feed Zone boundaries.
    1. Riders discarding their bottles or any equipment outside the Feed Zone may be receive a 5 minute penalty.  This also includes, but not limited to Bottles, Jerseys, equipment and in rare-cases, broken seats.
  4. When not handing off bottles, please step back from the course to allow room for other teams to successfully hand off to their riders.
  5. If you need to step on the course to retrieve bottles or other items, do so when it is clear to enter.  Do NOT hinder another rider.
  6. On hot days, extra bottles may be used as a means to dunk the rider with water.  DO NOT THROW the water on them (Penalty).  Simply hand them the bottle with the lid off, let them dunk, drop, then pickup their normal bottle farther down the zone.  (This act requires coordination among the Feed Zone volunteers).
  7. Keep the Cow Bells away!