Quartermaster is responsible for our Pit Zone, which includes the trailer and all equipment including propane tanks for grills, water jugs/bottles. The Quartermaster will pull the trailer on race day or coordinate with other parents to pull the trailer. They will ensure that the annual maintenance check on the trailer (tires, hubs, electrical, etc) is completed prior to the start of the season. The Quartermaster will lead the student athletes in setup and teardown of the pit area on race days and will coordinate the bike trainers and timing for the athlete warm ups.

Please Note:  If the quartermaster asks for something while in the Pit Zone, please help; this position requires all the help necessary as they are the key to keeping race day on schedule.

The Quartermaster is also responsible for the loaner bike fleet including maintenance and tracking the bikes distribution and returns.  Loaner-bike program, trailer towing and equipment cleaning can be distributed to other volunteers and the Quartermaster would coordinate those efforts.

(Level 1 Certification Minimum)

Loaner Bike Coordinator (Quartermaster)

Loaner Bike Coordinator manages the small fleet of bikes that are available should a student athlete require a loaner bike.  The Coordinator ensures that all paperwork/agreements are signed by the athlete and parents. Upon return of the bike, the Loaner Bike Coordinator ensures that the bike is returned in the same condition as originally borrowed.  Bike cannot be accepted back until the bike is in acceptable condition.