Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the scheduling of all volunteers for races and other events throughout the season.  This includes but not limited to the Pit Zone Kitchen and Feed Zone duties.  Work is mainly performed at the beginning of the season with occasional communications and substitutions prior to events (races).

Pre-Season duties

The Volunteer Coordinator will work with the team director to gather the list of all athletes and their classifications (boys/girls, Fresh/Soph/JV/V).  Certain athletes will be excluded from volunteering if their parents are already fully committed during the race weekend (typically Coaches, Directors, Photographers).  Parents will be scheduled to work during a time that their athlete is NOT racing and the Coordinator will try to schedule as fairly as possible.

The schedules will be posted online for an initial review by the parents.

In-Season Duties

The Volunteer Coordinator will send out the volunteer schedule the Monday prior to each race and should request confirmation.  If a change is requested, it should be up to that volunteer to find their replacement and to communicate that change to the Volunteer Coordinator.  A final list will be printed out and posted on the team trailer door the day of the race.

*Note: If a volunteer position cannot be filled, a name will be drawn out of a hat.